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Why to use NetMatics4u- Books?

Nowadays, school books are becoming very expensive. They are causing a huge burden of expenses on parents. NetMatics4u is making an attempt to provide books as lower rates. In this way you will save money and paper by using second hand books. The parents can deposit old books of their children to us and buy second hand books from us.

How to use

The use is very simple and easy. Firstly you will make an accuont by giving your simple details like your mobile number with name of school, Class, name of student and admission number of student for selling your old books. Your mobile number will be your customer ID.

Please add books from list you have and submit. If you see blank boxes then you will need to fill details of books. Your details will be added in our database. Keeping in view the demand of buyers soon your status will be changed from "added in our database" to "submit books at our store". Then you will need to deposit your books at our store. After receiving your books status of books will be changed as "books received". When your books will be sold then status of your books will be changed as "books sold". If you have opted for 20% price then you may collect your money from us after status is changed as "books sold".