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CCE helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.

We all know, preparing a CBSE CCE RESULT, is very time taking, focused and responsible job, not for teacher but for the school too, especially to declare an error free in every respect.

To solve this problem, we are having a CCE software which helps you and your school to prepare a crystal clear and perfect result by keeping all parameters of SCHOLASTIC and CO-SCHOLASTIC areas into consideration as laid down by the CBSE.


  • Students can see their results and view report cards online at home.
  • Teachers are able to fill results from any computer using Internet.
  • If your computer gets damaged with virus or by other reasons, even then your data will remain safe on server.
  • Defining role for each user - Principal, Admin, Teacher and Student
  • Define Class Teachers.
  • Associate subjects, class and section to each teache
  • Design school specific term wise, unit wise assessment for each class.
  • Work on CBSE defined templates for assessment system for class VI to class X
  • Allocate marks weightage to each assessment
  • Capture of student data with ease – Personal Information, Parents Information and Health Record
  • Associate Compulsory and optional subject to each student
  • Facility to students to input Student Self-Awareness Form and teacher to approve the same
  • Automated promotion processing for successful students
  • Facility to associate exam and assessment designs
  • Friendly interface to capture exam data
    • Subject wise
    • Student wise
  • Menu driven assignment of descriptive indicators to each student
    • for Co Scholastic A
    • for Co Scholastic B
  • Automatic Grade Calculation
    • for marks
    • for descriptive indicators
  • View of each students result summary
  • Automatic Report Generation
    • as per CBSE format
    • School specific format – to be customized
  • Saves teachers time by 80% and teachers workload reduces by 95%
  • No calculations required i.e. percentile, FA1+FA2… , SA1+SA2 etc. All calculations are done automatically
  • Automatic report card generation
  • Report card based on CBSE model report cards

We are pleased to inform you that you will get all the facilities in very reasonable amount. For further queries Contact 91-9417966699. You can Contact Us for details.

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